$3,000 Service Cash Giveaway For Subscribers in April 2020

3000 cash giveaway for subscribers in march 2020


More FREE Service CASH for Subscribers!! 1 Comment = 1 Entry into the Service Cash Giveaway For Subscribers that will take place on April 1st. Comment as many times as you’d like!!

Visit:   Click here to go to my YouTube channel and click on the $3,000 Giveaway thumbnail. The winner will be announced on April 1st 2020.

Folks you might not need a website, but I bet you know someone who does. This is a great gift and I promise you this, they will love you for it. I reputation is on the line. So, click and watch my videos and live comments.

If you’re new You Tuber you know how important it is to have a website. Let’s face it, this requires a valuable skill set. By becoming a subscriber and leaving a comment on my YouTube channel your are automatically registered for the April 1st $3,000 Service Cash Giveaway. Digital Marketing is the key to advertising. Your chance to have a WordPress website created by the Team of That’s My Computer Guy is just a click and comment away.

Please review our testimonials page. I will supply local SEO to your new website. Thanks for entering the $3,000 Service Cash Giveaway For Subscribers.

(I program your website and graphics and Local SEO) You purchase the theme, the domain and any security plugins.)


Who is eligible?

  • * Must be 18 and over and can not be in my family or know me physically at all. This is for Subscribers ONLY

Can I give it away?

  • Yes you can to anyone who qualifies

Can I get CASH instead?

  • I’m sorry, this is a Service Cash Giveaway

How many time do I have to leave a comment?

  • The subscriber name will be pulled from a hat. I want to make it fair – This event will be videoed.

What is included?

  1. Free Phone Consultation
  2. 5 Web pages – No e-carts programming
  3. Graphics
  4. Content upload
  5. Local SEO
  6. Website testing
  7. Conference with the winner before launch
  8. Launch

The winner will be posted to this website on April 1st 2020. So, please make this page one of your favorites.

Look forward to working with you if you are the winner. Stay save and Good Luck

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