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Are you searching for computer training services? Do you need someone to remove a computer virus? When it comes to computers, “That’s My Computer Guy” is the computer service for you.

The owner, Kevin Luckett  got into computers started 22 years ago.. He started his computer career in Naples, FL repairing laptops and desktop computers.  He then learned website design, database design and creation.  Later Kevin went to FGCU for Computer Science. He learned 5 computer languages.  Kevin has made “That’s My Computer Guy” a trustworthy and dependable company.

We are committed to helping you get the most out of your computer. Whether you have a PC or laptop already that needs repair or virus removal or you want a custom built websites for your specific needs, we can do it all! We can even provide you with one-on-one computer training. Call 7941-276-6497 today!

Located in Lithia, FL

Hello, my name is Kevin. I have been a software engineer for 22+ years. I have worked for software, investment, nutritional, graphic and photography companies. I am a former United States Marine. I know how important data means to an individual or company.

I have been trusted with a lot of sensitive data in my life, and that trust has and never will be violated. If your looking for a company that understand your personal or corporate computer and or website needs. Please give me a call. “I will not let you down”

May you and your company have a prosperous and Happy New Year.

Kevin Luckett

Owner: That’s My Computer Guy

Ph. 813-424-8371


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