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My Computer Will Not Turn On

My Computer Will Not Turn On, what should I do? Well there are many reasons your computer might not turn on. Here are a few things I would check for:

  • Is it plugged In? – We all forget, it does not make you stupid sometimes we just forget simple stuff when we are in a hurry
  • Is the power cable tight? – Most power adapters come in 2 pieces. Sometimes they jiggle loose. Just make sure they are tight fitting.
  • Is there power coming for that socket? – Most power adapters have a green light – If it is not on, try a different socket
  • Do you hear any sound when you turn the computer on? You should hear a whining sound like something powering up or spinning inside your machine.
  • Is your computer hot at the bottom? If it is then there is a chance that your computer fan has stopped working. When the fan stops the computer mother board tells the computer not to turn on so you don’t set your house on fire.
  • Did you drop your computer recently?  – When we a hurry stuff happens. If you dropped your laptop you could have damaged the mother board.
  • Did you trip over your cable recently? – When you accidentally trip over your cable it pulls the power cable out this could damage the power port making for a not so tight connection.

Folk these issue are not uncommon. I has happened to me and everyone else who repairs computers. If I can be of any assistance please let me know. You can call me at 813-549-1881.

Here are other common problems people have I can assist you with the repairs.

  • Why is my computer so slow  windows 10
  • Why my WiFi is not working
  • How do I fix a broken computer screen

Please review my testimonials on my site or check out my Google Reviews. I have a 5 star rating. If I can solve the problem, I won’t ask you for a dime.

We know a lot of people out there are afraid to be around large crowds. We don’t know any more about the Corona virus than anyone else. If you don’t feel like taking you desktop or laptop into town or don’t want to be around crowds, we understand. Just give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Folk more than anything else, we believe we must stay calm and assist each other. We will get through this, we always do. We love America.

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