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Your Virtual  Computer Repair Appointment Will Be Used With Skype or Face Time.

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Simple – If you are suffering from health problems or health concerns, we can assist you with Do-It-Yourself repairs. 
We use video and remote control services to assist you. No germs or Techs in your home.

Fill out the form below and pick a time. We will confirm the date and time and contact you on your chosen date and time.

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Got Questions? Just fill out the form before you make an appointment and one of our knowledgeable techs with get back to you soon.

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What is a remote virtual computer repair ?

Remote Virtual Computer Repair is an appointment that is made online with a qualified technician who can assist you via video phone or by accessing your computer through remote access.

How the process works

You simply fill out the appointment form. Make the payment and the technician will contact you at that time. You will receive a confirmation email confirming the time and date.

The technician’s perspective. When a client initiates a virtual computer repair office visit, a message shows up in my designated e-mail inbox as an alert. I then log into the secure Web portal and find the client’s virtual office visit request. I open the encounter and review the chief complaint and concise medical history, which has been converted to medical terms (versus layperson’s terms on the patient side), with pertinent negative and positive responses shown. I can also open any files the patient has attached. I then determine whether I need to query the client for more details (I do this infrequently), abort the virtual visit and request an in-office appointment instead (a rare occurrence), or complete the virtual encounter (this happens the majority of the time).

This type of virtual computer repair visit helps streamline the workflow for our technicians.

Yes, simply contact our office at: 813-549-1881 and we will be happy to assist you.

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Can I reschedule or get a refund?

What are the benefits of a remote virtual computer repair ?

  • No Fear From Corona Virus Or Any Other Virus
  • No Germs
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • You learn about your computer
  • Friendly Service
  • Stay At Home – No Traveling
  • Fun – You will enjoy the experience with us.

With the Corona Virus or any health concerns, how can I get my computer repaired ?

At That’s My Computer Guy, we can fix your machine remotely. Just make a Virtual Computer Repair appointment and we will take care of the rest.

You remain safe at home and we contact you remotely using proven technologies. Just give us a call at: 813-549-1881

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