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That’s My Computer Guy can show you how to How to Create a Ecommerce Website. We provide comprehensive knowledge needed  in Lithia, Brandon, Valrico, Riverview, and Tampa FL. We employ the best ecommerce strategies and techniques to help you sell & promote your ecommerce items. With the right SEO work done on websites, huge traffic can be generated, which will help to enhance the revenue gold for the site. In order to enjoy the best online business and strong visibility, your website should be optimized correctly. For result-oriented SEO services,make That’s My Computer Guy your choice when you want to know How to Create a Ecommerce Website.


In order to promote your new ecommerce website your items must be SEO’d (Search Engine Optimized). This is how users find the items that you have for sale on your website.

Before you start selling items on you website, you should be aware of certain task that need to be completed. Here is a list:

  1. Determine which merchant account tools you will use for your transaction
  2. Negotiate the per-transaction-charge
  3. What ecommerce platform will you be using (i.e woocommerce)?
  4. Who will you use for shipping?
  5. Do you have the dimension and weights for your items?
  6. Where will the items to be shipped be picked up from?
  7. What is your refund policy?
  8. Where will the return items be sent back to? (return address)
  9. What mode of payment will you except (cash, charge or check)
  10. What administrators right do you need to setup for your workers.
  11. Do you have a YouTube account Setup?
  12. Do you have a Google account setup?

These are just a few question that you will need to address before you setup you ecommerce site. I can not stress how important these steps and SEO are for the success of your website.

We, at That’s My Computer Guy, provide a full service of the best SEO plans so that you can easily market your services or products online. Ranging from website optimization, link building services to social media marketing, we enable businesses to market themselves productively on Internet. We offer affordable SEO packages which are result-oriented.

SEO is the new Gold standard of the internet. More important than real estate.  Our SEO consulting team is  friendly and we also do web design or development, link building, and much more. Our professionals at That’s My Computer Guy are skilled in creating quality content that is keyword-rich to launch your web pages in the search engines and perk up the credibility of sites. Link development helps in drawing new visitors to a website. Indeed, our best SEO services take a significant part in creating long- term and sustainable Internet marketing campaign.

So, ” if you need an Ecommerce Website &  SEO, there is only one place to go” That’s My Computer Guy.

How does SEO Services help my business?

This is a good question, below I have bulleted some important benefits of proper SEO Services:

  1. More visitor traffic to your website
  2. More sales conversions
  3. More referrals
  4. Pride and accomplishment of being on the top
  5. More revenue

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That’s My Computer Guy wants to assist your company in your digital marketing. We pride ourselves on satisfying our clients. We will always be there for you. And now you know “SEO”

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