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Is Their such a thing as buying too much computer?

Too much computer


So people buy the best computer they can find even though all they so is use it for email. This is way too much computing power for their needs. Hey, but it’s your money.

Here is my train of thought. After you have purchased your new fresh-out-of-the-box machine, they have already made upgrade to that model. New tech comes out every 10 to 12 months making what have old. So why spend the money. I believe you should buy what you need. It should last you at least 3 to 4 years.

I like Dell machines.  Gamer’s are a different breed of cat. new games come out monthly, so you really need to do your research when choosing a laptop or tower for those purposes. The name of the game to me is to safe some money yo!

If your looking to purchase a new computer, make sure it has at least these specs:


1 Terabyte hard drive SSD – 250 is ok if your just writing letters or emailing.

2 USB -3 ports

2 USB – 2 ports

1 HDMI port – this is really important

Video card with at least 3 gigs memory – For gamers, no less than 4 Gigs

16 Gigs of Ram – you can go with 8 but remember, the more programs you put on your computer the more memory resources they take up


15.5 inch screen min

8 gigs Ram

3 gig video card – more for gamers

250 Gig SSD Drive – More if storing pictures or movies. That when you go 1 Tera

I hope this helps some of you out.

Thanks for reading