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Doug Rea
Fishhawk Falls Drive, FL
August 21, 2019

Called to ask about my computer and he talked me through an issue that i was having and gave me various routes to fix my computer. Did the first thing he suggested and it worked like a charm. Appreciate the time Kevin.

Thomas Peterson
Fishhawk Falls FL
July 28, 2019

Fixed a network problem that neither I nor two other computer techs were able to do so. Polite, friendly and a veteran of the USMC! Semper Fi.

Jim Steele
February 13, 2019
Kevin did a promotional video for my real estate business and I have to say I was totally blown away! He is such a pro! He really knows his stuff. I will be using him many more times. You won't be disappointed!
Gina Gelsomino
Fishhawk Ranch, FL
February 13, 2019
Kevin was very honest and ethical with my computer! Though the computer itself wasn't worth the repair, I was both thrilled and relieved that Kevin was able to pull all of the crucial information and import it to a safe place! Life saver! Thank you, Kevin!
Geri Muck
Naples, FL
January 24, 2019

I met Kevin, a guest speaker, in early 2000 at a business professional meeting . He was so energetic, personable and knowledgeable, that I HAD to get to know him, so I approached him after it adjourned. His personality is off the charts, and he is a WHIZ at everything he does. Whatever you need, he can do it AND do it well. Kev created my first web site soon after, and my clients went nuts--it made ALL the difference in my biz. And he continues to advise me which makes a huge impact on my success in a very tough industry. We've worked together on many projects, and he never ceases to amaze me. We have so much fun while working together that it doesn't feel like work. He is AWESOME. You can't do business without him!

Las Vegas, NV
January 18, 2019
Kevin is a life saver. If you're looking for perfection with your website, then Kevin is the man to call. Easy to work with and the education value he provides is priceless.
Connor Gardner
Tampa, Fl
January 18, 2019
Kevin was an excellent choice for my computer repair. I had contacted him and he had began working the same day on my laptop. He even stayed up late into the night working out a solution with me to have the computer completely fixed by the next day. Not only great service, but also a very fair price.
Eric Atkinson
Brandon FL
January 17, 2019
Kevin definitely understands the importance of SEO from a business point of view to get you on the first page or at the top of the search engine and if I ever need another website built he will be the man to do the job..........
Tampa, Fl
January 12, 2019
Kevin worked hard on fixing my computer. Went the extra distance to order my new power supply and kept me up to date with the order. He then called me to let me know it came in and promptly installed it. Great service - Great job
Stefanie Natiello
Tampa, Fl
December 28, 2018
Kevin was awesome! I brought my computer over to him and immediately he was able to fix it. He also gave me some great advice and education on my PC. I would highly recommend him for all your computer needs.
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